Finley does not equal Funley!!

Is there a saying that a caravan park can make or break a town?? Well, if there isn’t, there should be!

Let me back track….
Whilst we were in Canberra, Rob received a phone call about some work on the grain harvest. We had been expecting the call, but weren’t sure where the work would be or when it would be starting. We were informed that Rob would be working in Oaklands NSW, and we would need to make our way there soon as Rob had induction the following Tuesday. Yay! We were coming to a time where we wanted to top up funds, so it couldn’t have been better timing!

But… Where the hell is Oaklands?? It didn’t even come up on our GPS!


And then thoughts ran to… Where are we going to stay?? The work is predicted to last 12 weeks and I was worried about being in the trailer through a hot inland summer. So, Rob rang around and found a cabin available in a caravan park in nearby Finley. Excellent, problem solved! So we booked, and made our way to Finley.

And here’s where the wheels came off…

OMG! What a dive! I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think of a cabin in a van park, I think of reasonable facilities, a kitchen, a lounge, nice tidy beds…. I don’t think… Shredded carpet, a smelly futon, mattresses without covers (just foam!), a gas stove that goes pfft, pfft (kaboom??), no hot water, a smelly fridge…. I could go on! The problem was, we booked it before we saw it, and it was much cheaper to stay in there than to camp at this particular park. Poor decision, I know, but we just had to make the best of it! I covered the lounge/beds/floor with the blankets and sheets we had brought with us, disinfected every surface, wiped the fridge out with vanilla… and it was bearable. On the plus side it had TV and air conditioning…

20121026-154959.jpg NOT!

But to make matters worse the caretaker of the park was rude, the bathrooms were dirty and weren’t cleaned the whole week we were there, the bins were never emptied, the bbq’s and provided utensils were filthy… It all added up to… YUK! Hence my initial statement, a caravan park CAN make or break a town!

Finley itself is nice enough, a small main street with all the usual shops, a nice lake to walk around, a playground, a pool, a library, play group… All the things that could have made a 3 month stint in a small town enjoyable. But everything just seemed dirty, all because that’s how the caravan park made us feel.

Nonetheless, we made the best of it. We used the week to explore the area, and find somewhere better to stay. Rob bought Charley a new (2nd hand!) bike and she learned to ride without training wheels.


And we left a few days early, just to save our sanity. Our next camp spot was right on the banks of the Murray River at Tocumwal (on the Vic side, yay!). Much more our style!


So, while we haven’t had the best week, we have certainly learned a number of lessons!
1. Look before you book!
2. TV is boring, no matter where you are watching it.
3. While the trailer isn’t glamorous, it’s home and it’s perfect for us right now.
4. Free camping is way more fun!

And so we are now camped up at Urana, right on the banks of the lake. Rob has started work, Charley has decided to go to the local school, we have found a preschool and a play group for Amelia… And we are comfortable and at home here for the next 12 weeks!


We’ll keep you posted on all of our adventures in the area, though I’d say things might slow down for us a bit.

Big loves T x


4 thoughts on “Finley does not equal Funley!!

    • Nope, he’s directing the trucks onto the grid where they dump the grain, keeping them in line and making sure they aren’t rushing the dump and mucking up the bunkers. Fairly cruisey work, just hot and windy.
      Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

  1. YAY for Charley and the riding the bike with no training wheels, good job baby girl, sounds like you guys are having a great time, even with the camping cabin nightmare.. loving all the pics and updates, we miss you and hope to see you somewhere soon, are you guys coming home for Chrissy..Love you all, stay safe xx

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