What fun we’ve had!

As I sit here and reflect over the last week and a half (while dinner cooks on the campfire!), I can’t help but smile. This time has really shown us what it’s all about! FUN!

We spent the first 3 nights in Dubbo, a town we really enjoyed and could have spent a lot more time in. We stayed at the Westview Caravan Park, which was just a little out of town, and really enjoyed the relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. The park was reasonably well priced considering it was the school holidays, which was a bonus too!

On our first day in Dubbo we visited the free water park in the centre of town, as well as the botanic gardens. The girls had an awesome time at the water park even though the water was a little cold! We were equally impressed by the botanic gardens, the girls especially so because they got to plant a small plant in the gardens!


The following day we went to the Western Plains Zoo . As a going away gift, my work had purchased the tickets for us (bonus! Thanks guys ;)) which meant we could afford to hire bikes for the day and ride around the zoo! This was probably the highlight for me, as the kids really enjoyed cruising around outdoors with us. The elephant show was excellent, but other than that the zoo was a little disappointing 😦 . There were quite a few enclosures with very few animals (there are more animals at currumbin sanctuary!), none of the staff seemed particularly interested in being there, and there was just no pizazz! None the less, the girls had a good time, and didn’t notice these things!


From dubbo, we moved further south and an attempted a very over due catch up with the Harris’. Unfortunately this was not to be as we found we needed to stop and set up as it was going to rain, and it was getting late! We found ourselves in a little spot called Sunny Corner, which was a free camp about half way between Bathurst and Lithgow. We camped in what was once a recreation reserve (think old school picnics, and a spot of tennis), but OMG it was COLD!! I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold in all my life! We woke up and the puddles were frozen!!


From Sunny Corner we headed to Lithgow, and have spent the past week at Lake Lyell. What a beautiful location, we are camped right on the lake, a short walk to the toilets and showers, and only $15 a night. We have used our spot here as a base for lots of adventuring, we’ve been up to katoomba and visited the three sisters (very touristy!), went to the Leura village fair (great day out in the fog and rain. They had potatoes on a stick yummo!), and today visited the Mt Toomah Botanical Gardens (Amazeballs!).




And in the middle of all this adventure, we got Baxter back with us (he had become a bit of an escape artist and a bit of a pain in the bum!), and it now it feels as though he’s been with us all along! Rob also managed to sneak in a quick trip to the Bathurst 1000 (Go team Vodafone!) and that brings us up to right now.

For dinner tonight we are having nachos, which has quick become one of our campfire favorites as it is so easy in the camp oven! I just chuck in mince, onion, diced carrot, a can of corn, a can of red kidney beans, can of diced tomatoes, a packet of nacho seasoning and a can of water. The camp oven does the rest! We have also had the mince mix on potatoes baked in the fire, yum!

Tomorrow we head off to Canberra, where we will be staying with Robs lovely Aunty Rhonda. I am looking forward to a week indoors! What a luxury!

Catch up with you all soon.

Big loves. T x


4 thoughts on “What fun we’ve had!

  1. wow I am impressed this page …and so glad you are living the dream ..A bit like the leyland brothers ….keep us posted I love reading of the happenings of the buckler family

  2. Hi Tam glad your having fun we used to live 5 min from where you camped at Sunny Corner and used to water ski at Lake Lyle all the time, enjoy all of you

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