Where the bloody hell are we?!

Hello all! We have been getting a few (not so) gentle nudges from family and friends for an update, so here it is 🙂

Well we have now officially been on the road for 2 whole weeks! We are absolutely loving it, but boy has it been a chaotic and eventful couple of weeks!


We headed off through grafton so that we could say farewell to my parents, and headed toward Mann River, about 40kms out of Glen Innes. What a drive we had getting there! After a massive climb up hill, the road into very Mann River is a VERY steep decline. With all the weight on the back, we managed to boil our brakes. Not good! However, Mann River was beautiful!



We did cut short our stay here, and headed into Glen Innes to have the car looked at. After some not so helpful advice from a local mechanic, we ended up staying in Glen Innes for 5 days. Which wasn’t such a bad thing, as it is a lovely little town, if not a little cold!


From Glen Innes we headed off toward Moree, which we didn’t like much at all, so we kept moving and travelled to a spot called Burren Junction. A great free camp with a hot spring bath, however apparently prone to the odd sneaky storm 😦


We met up here with an old work friend of mine, Wendie, of Humes Highway Adventures, who is also travelling with her family around Oz. It was great to see a familiar face, and the husbands and the kids got on like a house on fire so we travelled on further with the Hume’s.

Next stop was the Warranbungles, a spot Rob had been to for school camp many moons ago, and was keen to revisit. And we are so glad we did! What a magic spot! We stayed for 5 days, and spent lots of time exploring and adventuring. We did a 1.2km bush walk with the girls to Burbie Canyon, passing through fields of wildflowers. So pretty! The girls did really well on this walk, we were very impressed!


We all commented this week on how well we’d been eating, as we’ve had lots of fun mastering the art of camp cooking. We’ve had roast chook, Mexican beef, roast beef, silverside, pasta carbonara, damper, scones, eggs (cooked in the jaffle iron!)…. The list goes on! I don’t think we ate this well at home!


Charley even learnt how to catch and cook yabbies! The kids thought this was great!


And that brings us up to today. We left the Warranbungles this morning and are now camped in a caravan park just outside of Dubbo. We have a big couple of days ahead, including a visit to the western plains zoo! I will update you all on this adventure next time!

Big loves to you all. T x


5 thoughts on “Where the bloody hell are we?!

  1. OMG!!! That sounds AMAZING!!! I went to the Warranbungles too, awesome adventures there. You did an Roast Chook via camping – now thats camping in style!!!! sounds like your having a great time, cannot wait to read the next update!

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