A chapter ends.. And another begins!

Today we moved out of our house and are now officially homeless! It’s a little bit bittersweet because we had lived in our gorgeous home for 2.5 very happy years.

20120906-201950.jpg the view from our front door!

We also spent last weekend setting our beautiful puppy, Baxter, up in his new (temporary) home. This was very sad for us all, even big daddy had a teary!


So we have had a full on couple of weeks and have spent three very full on days cleaning, to be out of the house. So we are all very tired and in need of a rest! To top it off miss 6 spewed everywhere this afternoon (including all over me!). Sometimes you just have to laugh!

So for now we are staying at robs parents place while we pack up the trailer. We are hoping to be on the road by Wednesday. Fingers crossed! We really just want to get going!


4 thoughts on “A chapter ends.. And another begins!

  1. Best wishes for your trip – hope you have a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to reading about your travels (the good and the bad!!) xoxoxo

  2. Love being able to follow your adventures. I’m so happy for all four of you (oh and now bax) to be together enjoy our country we are so lucky to call home. Love you all so much xxoo

  3. good luck on your adventure, it will be the best education you could possibly give your girls. I am looking forward to reading all about your travels, with much envy I must add. Jean

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